December 9th:
2017 Christmas Party

The Great Northwest H.O.G. Chapter had their annual Christmas Party. Thanks to all who participated in this event and the years activities. It was a great year to be with old and new freinds.
October 29th:
2017 Crazy Helmet Ride

It was a cold and foggy day, but the image of the Great Northwest H.O.G. Chapter riding by with their goofy helmets, warmed the heart of those that saw us ride by.
September 24th:
2017 Oyster Run

This was not a Great Northwest HOG Chapter event, however many members participated in this ride. The Oyster Run is concidered by many as the seasons closing ride. This popular Anscortes rally is the largest rally in Washington.
September 2nd:
Satsop Nuclear Ride

Mark (lead) and Tom (sweep) took us to the Satsop Nuclear Plant. This plant never opened, but the buildings are still there. It was a great day and a great ride. We then had lunc at the Rusty Tractor. A photo from this ride is what is used on the web pages. Thanks to the many that joined.
August 19th:
G.N.W. - H.O.G. Picnic

Thanks Marjorie (and others) for yet another successful G.N.W. - H.O.G. Picnic. The picnic was held at River Medows park where we had a great time.
August 5th thru 13th:

Many Great North West Chapter members joined an Emerald City Harley-Davidson hosted ride to Sturgis, South Dakota. It was a fantastic ride with some of the best roads in the world (in my oppinion). We traveled through 5 states with 18 bikes, 3 were 2 up. We did a combined total of 56 thousand miles.
Saturday, July 1st:
Washington Park Ride

On a beautiful day, Mike RCC lead us to Washington Park (near Deception Pass)
June 24th & 25th: Director's Ride 2017
For the second consecutive year, we had a fantastic Director's Ride. It became a much bigger event this year, as aproximatly 35 bikes rode to the Grand Coulee Dam for an over night stay at the Coulee House Inn. We all crossed the street (on foot) at 10 to watch the laser show on the dam (and other antics) for a fun filled evening. Thanks to all involved.
See you next year!
Sunday, June 18th:
Eatonville Ride

On Father's Day we were lead to EatonVille, where we had lunch at Bruno's.
June 3rd:
Ride to Shakeys

Jeff was RCC on this one. We took back roads to the last Shakey's in Renton. What a great route and ride. Thanks Jeff and to all those that attended.
May 21st: Ride to Snohomish Bike Show
It's not the destination it's the jourmey. Jeff's RCC evaluation ride took us through some country roads to the Snohomish Bike Show. Many say this is the season oppener for bike season. If your not already riding may the riding comence. The journey was great on this one thanks Jeff (and others) for a fantastic ride to the show.
May 6th: Chuckwagon
It was a great ride on one of the few nice days in May. Thanks to all that joined.
April 11th: Monroe Monitor
An article was seen in the Monroe Monitor regarding our activity at Housing Hope. Here is a copy of that article. Click on the image to see a legible copy.
April 18th: Bunny Run Letter
After the "Bunny Run" the Great Northwest Chapter received a letter from Housing Hope. Click on the image of the letter to see a legible copy.