3-19: Ride to Darrington
Tom (Lead) and Paul (sweep) took us for a ride out to Darrington.
3-4: Snoqulime Ridge Ride
Tom (RCC) Completed his third ride successfully. We had a great ride through the Carnation back roads to Snoqualime, were we all had lunch at Finaughty's
1-21-17 : Back Country Ride Through Machias :
Our first ride of the year, was one that had been rescheduled many times due to weather. We finally made this one happen. The ride took us to the Back Country roads through Machias.
12-17-16 Reindeer Run :
Many of our chapter Brothers and Sisters joined in on the first annual Reindeer Run. This ride was in support of the children and families of Housing Hope in Monre. We delivered cookies, cocoa and of course there were photos with Santa.
12-3-16 GNW-HOG Christmas Party :
We had another great Christmas party this year.
11-19 Silvertips Night :
 What a great evening, most of us me up at Tony V's garage for a bite to eat and/or a prefunction beverage. We then walked a couple of blocks to Comcast Arena and whatched the Silvertips.
11-18 Bingo Night :
There was a large turnout for Bingo Night. The Chapter visited with brothers and sisters and made some new friends. Thanks E.C.H.D. for making it happen.
11-17 Dinner Ride :
They've treated us so well that we absolutley had to go back. Mant rode and some met up there. We all shared great food and great company.
Crazy Helmet Ride :
The Crazy Helmet ride, is a ride created to honor our fallen brothers and sisters. On this ride it is customary to customize your helmet. There were some Crazy Helmets on this ride. We had a good turn out for a cold day.
Movie Night :
We had a great turnout for "Warewolves on wheels".  I was a gathering of great people I'm not sure the same can be said about the movie :).
ABC Pot Luck :
This was the third annual ABC Pot Luck Evening. We changed it to incorporate all of the games. You didn't need to participate in any of the games to attend this gala. This was the biggest turn out to date. There were many stories of our two wheeled travels told from many. Sounds like it was a good year.
Old Country Ride :
Mark led (Bob Swept) us on a fantastic ride. We road on some windy country roads with a large span between stop sings or lights. We were unimpeded until we arrived at Granite Falls, where we stopped for gas. At Granite Falls, we arrived during the Railroad day’s parade. Mark did a great job navigating through Granite Falls despite all of the road closures. It started to sprinkle a bit in Granite Falls, but we trudged forward only to be turned around at the mouth of the pass.
Buddy Walk :
This ride was in support of a good cause. We had a good crew show thier support for children with Downs Syndrome. The kids really enjoyed the chance to sit on our bikes. The waves and the smiles on thier faces as we rode by on the way out were priceless.
Great North West Picnic :
Thank-you to all of those that made the GNW-HOG picnic a huge sucsess. The dealership provided the give away items, barbaque, meat, beverages, and the cook for this great gathering.
Anniversary Patch :
The much anticipated and long awaited 30th Anniversary Patch has shipped and is scheduled to arrive this week. Assuming that UPS comes through they will be available at the chapter picnic on Sunday and at the next chapter meeting.
The final cost is $10.25 each and if you plan to pay by check please make it out to Emerald City Harley-Davidson.
September 14th :
Bob lead us on a great route to Jaliscos Mexican Restaurant in Bothell. Jaliscos took great care of us on this mid week dinner ride. We all experienced good food and good company after the ride.