2015 Archive


December 3rd
G.N.W. H.O.G. Christmas Party

We had another great Christmas party this year.
November 18th
Bingo Night

There was a large turnout for Bingo Night. The Chapter visited with brothers and sisters and made some new friends. Thanks E.C.H.D. for making it happen.
October 30th
Crazy Helmet Ride

The Crazy Helmet ride, is a ride created to honor our fallen brothers and sisters. On this ride it is customary to customize your helmet. There were some Crazy Helmets on this ride. We had a good turn out for a cold day.

Link: Memorial page
October 28th
Movie Night

We had a great turnout for "Warewolves on wheels".  I was a gathering of great people I'm not sure the same can be said about the movie :).

October 22nd
ABC Pot Luck

This was the third annual ABC Pot Luck Evening. We changed it to incorporate all of the games. You didn't need to participate in any of the games to attend this gala. This was the biggest turn out to date. There were many stories of our two wheeled travels told from many. Sounds like it was a good year.

October 1st
Old Country Ride

Mark led (Bob Swept) us on a fantastic ride. We road on some windy country roads with a large span between stop sings or lights. We were unimpeded until we arrived at Granite Falls, where we stopped for gas. At Granite Falls, we arrived during the Railroad day’s parade. Mark did a great job navigating through Granite Falls despite all of the road closures. It started to sprinkle a bit in Granite Falls, but we trudged forward only to be turned around at the mouth of the pass.

August  24th
Buddy Walk

This ride was in support of a good cause. We had a good crew show thier support for children with Downs Syndrome. The kids really enjoyed the chance to sit on our bikes. The waves and the smiles on thier faces as we rode by on the way out were priceless.

September  18th
Great North West H.O.G Picnic

Thank-you to all of those that made the GNW-HOG picnic a huge sucsess. The dealership provided the give away items, barbaque, meat, beverages, and the cook for this great gathering.

September 3rd
It started off wet but after we got under wat it turned out to be a nice day. We rode for over 200 miles to the rusty tractor in Elma WA. Great food at the rusty tractor where one of our members finaly got to see a buffalo. No one turned  green on this great adventure to the nuclear plant. Thanks to those joinsed us.

August 27th
The second of two Great Northwest rides at the rally. This ride took us to Jalapeno's mexican restaurant in Sandpoint Idaho.

August 26th
Friday at the H.O.G. Rally in Spokane, The first of two rides Mike lead us on. On this ride Mike lead us by Lake Coeur d'Alene. We ended the ride at a restaurant on the lake. We took over the deck and broak bread with great friends. The Burn Run was held on Aug. 21st However our photographer went to the rally. We do not have any photos to share of the Burn Run.

On The Road To The Rally
This slide show has some interesting photos taken on the road to the rally. This slide show is still under construction.

August 13th
We met at ECHD for a run to Snoqualimie Falls. It was Ken's 3rd evall ride as a RCC. He lead us on a safe ride on a great day. Afterwards we had lunch at Figaghty's Irish Pub & Restaurant at Snoqualimie Ridge, whare the ride officialy ended.

August 6th
After the meeting, a large group of us were lead by Jeff (Bob swept) over Chuckanut Drive. We rode via some great backroads to Chuckanut Drive. A fantastic lunch was had at NYP Bar and Grill in Bellingham where the official ride ended.

July 17th
We found it! The final annual "Where's the Beef!?" ride went off without a hitch. We were lead by Earl and Mark (sweep) over the river and through the woods to and through places we'll never know, finally finding the Beef at Longhorn Barbecue where we enjoyed a wonderful late lunch..

July 12th
Tuesday, the group was lead via some great roads to Jeno's resturaunt in Monroe for dinner. Although it looked like rain we did not get wet and kept warm.
(this is the only Photo we have of this ride. there is no slideshow)

June 19th
The group rode to Hurricane Ridge. It was a great day for a ride. Hurricane Ridge is such a beautiful place. It is nice to be able to share this time with our group.

June 11th
The Directors ride was a huge
success. The Director lead us to an overnighter in Omak where we
had a great time. The food and company were top notch. We look
forward to a Director's ride every year.

June 4th
It could not have been better wheather for a ride. Bob and Ken lead us to a brief stop at the Carnation Starbucks, and onward to Bubba's Roadhouse in Sultan, where along with his regular menu, Bubba prepared a special just for our group. It was a great showing with 28 bikes (thanks Mark for sweeping).

May 15th
Many of us were headed to the Sky Valley Motorcycle show anyway (many call this the season oppener). Why not do it with your brothers and sisters. We meet at ECHD and made our way to the show.

May 7th
We cracked a few eggs and road to Yakima by way of two canyons. The first canyon was between Cle Elum and Ellensburg.  The second canyon was between Ellensburg and Yakima. Sun screen was a good pack for this ride as it was a beautiful day. Some whent home on the same day, some spent the night and made it a riding weekend.

April 17th
Another great turnout for the Rocky Brook Falls Ride, there were many new faces and great additions to our group. It looks like riding season is here! Rocky Brook Falls were are beautifull this time of year as they cascade over the boulders.

April 2nd
Everyone is excited to get started this season. It was a great turn out for this ride to Shelton.

Mar 20th
Thank you to all of those that made the Bunny Run a huge success. Excluding the trailer full of household supplies that was donated, the numeric value of the donations the Bunny Run provided Housing Hope was approximately $ 6,700.00. This more than tripled previous donations. There were approximately 90 bikes on the run and many of those were 2 up. Thanks again every one.

Mar 5th
Mike and Earl took us for a trip around Camano Island and lunch at Veracruz Mexican Restaurant. We headed up Hwy 9 to Arlington, then cut over to Stanwood and leisurely putt around the island.
We had planned on stopping at Leatherheads, but unfortunately they have gone out of business.

Feb 21st
Bob (RC) and Paul (Sweep) lead the group through the backroads of Snohomish County to the top end of Lake Goodwin and to the once Roadhouse Bar and Grill the name of the place was changed to the Paddle Pub. We found the menu to be better, and thought the changes were all good.