Board Members

Director - Chuck
GNW Member since 2010
Currently Rides a 2015 smoke colored Street Glide
Assistant Director - Jeff H.
GNW Member since 2014
Currently Rides a 2017 blue & black limited 
Secretary - Danielle
GNW Member since 2013
Currently Rides a 2015 hard candy Silver Iron 883
Head Road Captain - Tom H.
GNW Member since 2009
Currently Rides a 2013 red Road Glide and a 2008 copper and black Wide Glide
Photographer - Mike
GNW Member since 2012
Currently Rides a 2015 blue Limited
Also rides a 2011 yellow Fat Boy
Safety Officer - Jeff
GNW Member since 2008
Currently Rides a 2013 Road Glide Custom
Jeff is also a Road Captain
Membership  - Mike H.
GNW Member since 2014
Currently Rides a 2017 Silver and Black Ultra
also rides a 2014 blue Road King

Webmaster - Glenn
GNW Member Since 2010
Currently Rides a 2006 Night Train
Editor - Kenny
GNW Member Since 2016
Currently Rides a 2017 red two tone Tri Glide
and a 2004 white Fatboy when alone

LOH - Molly
GNW Member since 2011
Currently Rides a gray and black Softail Slim

GNW-HOG Manager - James
James is an employee of Emerald City Harley-Davidson and is the Manager of GNW-HOG
Ativities - TBD
We have a vacancy on the Board of Directors and are looking for a couple of members to fill the position(s) of Activities Officer, and Assistant Activities Officer. This is a great opportunity to help create events that our members will enjoy and have fun doing it, The Activities Officer has in the past been held by one person. The Board hopes to decrease the time demands of taking on a volunteer position by having two people share the job.