ABC's of Touring: An alphabetical “scavenger hunt” for you and your Harley modeled after H.O.G.'s National ABCs of Touring contest. Earn points and have a chance to win prizes by collecting photos of yourself, your motorcycle, and “official signs” from A-Z!
(Chapter contest. You must be a member of the GNW-HOG chapter to participate)

Rules: Harley-Davidson 2019 Ride 365 Journey Challenge Contest Official Rules

2019 HOG Magazine cover: 2019 HOG Magazine Cover

Sample Form:
(One may use this form as a guide) Sample Form

Note: Nationl H.O.G. has eliminated the ABC's of Touring and replaced it with Ride 365 Journey Challange
Mileage Game: Submit to the chapter your bike's starting mileage at the beginning of the year and the ending mileage for the year and earn chances for prizes.
(Chapter contest. You must be a member of the GNW-HOG chapter to participate)

Mileage form: Click Here to fill out the form
5 Destinations
5 Destinations Northwest Rules:
Very Simply, the 5 Destinations Northwest game is an extension of the ABC's of Touring that we all know and love!

Navigate to the designated locations and take a picture of the featured destination, your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and the current year's Touring Cover (extra credit for being in all five pictures)!

Submit the pictures at the end of the season and win the right to wear our exclusive patch!

5 Destinations Official Rules:
2019 5 Destinations official rules

5 Destinations Northwest destinations:
2019 5 Destinations