In 1983 Harley-Davidson began one of its most unique endeavors the formation of the Harley Owners Group.  Fondly referred to as HOG., it rapidly grew to its current status as the largest factory-sponsored enthusiast group in the world.   Within six years membership had soared to over 90,000, and last year HOG. passed the half-million member mark.

In the early years, Jim Boltz, owner of the Lynnwood Cycle Barn, put together a team of employees in 1986 to form the Great Northwest Chapter of HOG., with Jim as the first director. Queenie Earp, Jim Earp, and Ken Ivey were Cycle Barn employees instrumental in the initial formation of the Chapter. Check out this inter-office memo inviting employees to participate.

In 1987 Cycle Barn once again took a leadership stance by appointing a non-employee as Director of GNW HOG, now the practice across the country.  Dan Johnson was our first non dealer employee director.  Dan eventually left GNW HOG Chapter and established Eastside Chapter HOG for Eastside Harley-Davidson. GNW HOG chapter holds the designation of being the first official HOG Chapter in Washington State. At various times throughout our history our GNW HOG Chapter has been the largest local chapter in the state of Washington. Our official chapter number currently is 3169, and has changed twice with dealership changes.

In 1983, National HOG did not have official guidelines to help local chapters get established and conduct their affairs, which must seem remarkable to anyone who has read "The Book" that is used today! 

The first GNW HOG meetings were held at a picnic table out by an old tree stump behind the original Cycle Barn store, with about a dozen members. The procedures used to move to an elected Board, create the by-laws, and to establish status as a non-profit organization have been used as models nationwide for dealer-sponsored chapters ever since. In addition, GNW HOG members began the original "Sun '& Surf Run" summer event at Ocean Shores. Sun & Surf Run was the first, all HOG motorcycle event in Washington state. The event stil continues today as an all motorcycle, non profit event. We are proud to have an original Charter Member still with us, Billy Bob, who has held our Historian Board position. Billy Bob was part of the original Board and was one of the 3 co-founders of the
Sun & Surf Run. GNW HOG also formed the Tumbleweed Run, a chapter event that spanned 11 years!

The picnic table is long since gone, and the old tree stump was paved over and is now part of the parking lot between Emerald City Harley-Davidson and the former Lynnwood Cycle Barn, Now Harley Davidson used cycles. The Great Northwest Harley Owners Group still continues in new and exciting ways.  We continue the traditions of exemplary spirit and camaraderie started in those early years. We continue to promote fun and safe riding experiences for our members, as well as supporting, promoting, and enhancing causes which enhance the lives of those less fortunate, the image of the motorcycling experience, and the satisfaction of our members.

We have a commitment from the owner of Emerald City Harley-Davidson. New and exciting things are happening, with a new Board of Directors to New Rider Orentation programs, new events and plenty of fun rides with Great Northwest members! Membership is now free, making it easy to join. National Membership required.

So come in, join the Chapter and Join the Fun! Meetings are the first Saturday of the month, 9:00 am at the Dealership, with a ride following the meeting.