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Poker Chips : Been to or going to another H-D dealership on one of your travels? Pick up a poker chip from that dealer and turn it in to our Chapter and we'll get it displayed at the dealership. We now have poker chips from just over 140 different H-D dealerships! We can't display duplicate poker chips, so be sure to consult the list below before your planned trip, or before buying that poker chip to see if we can use one from that dealership. Of course, you can always pick one up for yourself to commemorate your trip!
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Poker Chip List -under construction
2016  GNW HOG Call :
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Non GNW-H.O.G. Sponsored Biker Events: This link will take you to a page of some of the rallies our members have discussed going to. There are way too many rallies to just list them all.

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H.O.G. Magazine
Cacade Loop article
Purple Mountain Majesties:
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G.N.W. H.O.G.
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Jan. 2 2020