Road Captains

Head Road Captain - Tom
GNW Member since 2009
Currently Rides a 2013 red Road Glide and a 2008 copper and black Wide Glide
Mark N.
GNW Member since 2007
Currently Rides a 2012 Street Glide
GNW Member since 2008
Currently Rides a 2007 CVO Electra Glide
Safety Officer - Jeff
GNW Member since 2008
Currently Rides a 2013 Road Glide Custom
Jeff is also a Road Captain
Mark M.
GNW Member for 2004
Currently Rides a 2011 Electra-Glide Ultra Limited
Also rides a 2006 Road King
GNW Member since 2011
Currently Rides a 2015 Silver and Black Street Glide
Also rides a blue Sportster
Photographer - Mike
GNW Member since 2012
Currently Rides a 2015 blue Limited
Also rides a 2011 yellow Fat Boy
Assistant Director - Ken
GNW Member since 2014
Currently Rides a 2016 mysterious red and volocity red Road Glide and a 2016 amber whisky and black Heritage Softail
Membershio - Tom F.
GNW Member since 2015
Currently Rides a Silver 2015 Ultra Classic