A Challenge To Ride to GNW Members from our Games Officer Glenn P.

1: GNW ABC's of Touring

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Alphabetical “scavenger hunt”

2: 5 Destinations

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A Confectionary Quest

3: Monthly Challenge

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A game that requires a little detective work

4: Mileage Game

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2021 GNWHOG Riding Challenge's

1: GNW ABC's of Touring Game
INFO: Our 2021 Alphabetical “scavenger hunt” for you and your Harley modeled after the ABCs of Touring. It is a simple game designed to get you on the road. Send in a photo of yourself, the games poster, your motorcycle, and “official signs” from A-Z! Gather 20 or more for a patch at the end of the year! Take a photo of yourself holding a picture of the current year’s GNWHOG games poster, and a sign, signifying the location (or other landmark for proof of actually being there. Must be a member of the GNWHOG chapter to participate)

A – Auburn (The Muckleshoot Casino)
B – Birch Bay (the C Shop)
C – Cape Flattery Trail (Cape Flattery)
D – Dayton (Jolly Green Giant)
E – Earthquake Hero (Tacoma) N. I St. & cross St., 12th
F – Fort Casey (Near Coupville)
G – Giant Crow and Fries (Auburn near library)
H – Horniest Tavern of the Northwest (8328 S. Main St., Lyman)
I – Buddy Holly’s Bus (98 NE Gilman Blvd, Issaquah)
J – Bob’s Java Jive (2102 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma)
K – Outback Kangaroo Farm (Arlington)
L – LeMay Car Museum (Tacoma)
M – Milk Bottle Bldg. (Spokane)
N - Newsboy Statue (Dayton & W Kennewick, Kennewick)
O – Old #3 (Ronald)
P – Paper Airplane (11775 Harbor Reach Drive, Mukilteo)
Q – Quetts Trading Post (Queets)
R – Rainbow Bridge (LaConner)
S – Walk Thu Stump (Smokey Point Rest Area)
T – Giant Tiki Head (81 Skagit Key, Bellevue)
U – Under A High School ( S. Superior Ave, Concreate)
V – Viking Village (Stanwood)
W – Whitney Southwick (Lower half, Kennewick)
X – XXX Root Beer (Issaquagh)
Y – Yard Bird Farm (1921 E, State Route 106, Union)
Z – The Reptile Zoo (22715 US-2, Monroe)

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2: It's the 5 Destinations Game
INFO: Our 2021 Confectionary Quest is simple and designed to get you on the road! Navigate to each location and take a photo that includes the designated location, your bike, and the current year of the game’s poster (extra credit for being in all 5 pictures). At the end of the year, submit the pictures and you will have the rights to wear an exclusive patch.

The 5 destinations are:
1 - The C Shop
4825 Alderson Road Birch Bay, Blaine
2 - Elevated ice-cream Co. & Candy Shop
627 & 631 Water Street, Port Townsend
3 - Granny Hazel’s Candy & Gifts
2329 Westhaven Dr, Westport 98595
4 - Sheri’s Sweet Shoppe
207 Riverside Ave, Winthrop
5 - Bright’s Candies
11 E. Main St., Walla Walla 

Get a 2021 Games Poster Here

3: The Monthly Challenge Game
Each month in 2021 we are selecting a location for members to ride to and snap a quick picture. Navigate to each location and take a photo that includes the designated location, your bike, and the current year of the game’s poster. As with all game submissions in 2021, send your photo's to Glenn P. at [email protected]

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